“If you’re looking for a substantial conversation with the other side of the veil of a potentially transformative nature, you’ve found a place where that can happen for you…”   -Janet

I am an Intuitive Guide and Healer.

My name is Sultani Trip. I am here to help you gain greater clarity and new perspective in your life situations, your relationships with other people and animals, and in understanding new energies and unexplained phenomenon in your life.

Perhaps you are feeling more stress than usual, or are wanting to know more about changes happening in and around You or the world right now. Maybe you have had an encounter with something unexplained and compelling – or you are feeling a personal longing for something more and are not quite sure what that is.

As a professional student, teacher, and seer of Spirit and Energy, I have developed my strong Intuitive Gifts into clear, consistent interaction with Spiritual energies that call, guide, support, and challenge us to evolve and grow. These energies help us navigate our lives.

An Intuitive Guidance Session explores feelings and experiences you wish to understand more clearly, what these could mean to you, and what steps might be considered next, in a down to earth, common-sense way.

This is often a very good place to start.

Intuitive Guidance Session

I also communicate directly with Animals, providing connection and understanding that improves relationship and creates healing for both you and your animal friend. See the Animal Communication and Healing page here for more information.

As a Certified Reiki and Holy Fire Master Teacher, I promote physical, mental, emotional, and energetic balance and healing in people and animals. See the Reiki/Energy Healing page for more.

I am also a Direct Voice Channel, where you can interact directly with Higher Energy Beings and Consciousness that offers a deeper understanding into the Energies of Spirit and who we truly ARE. You can go to the  What is Channeling? page for more.

Also, experience channeling in my video blog series Today’s Channeled Message.

It is my heart’s desire to help people connect with and trust their unique Soul Expression in their conscious, everyday lives.

I Appreciate your visit here and invite you to explore the site. There is much to see and many videos to view as well.

You can contact me anytime at surfinthelight@gmail.com to schedule a session, explore questions, or share comments. Welcome. LInks below offer more info:

"Mindful Conscious" by colormedivine2.com

“Mindful Conscious” by colormedivine2.com


Animal Healing / Communication Sessions

Reiki / Energy Healing Sessions

Channeling Sessions

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