Sound Healing

Tibetan Bowls

A Tibetan Sound Bowl Bath is one of life’s delicious treats!  It is difficult to describe the experience in words.  The sound of TIbetan bowls can facilitate centering, relaxation, alignment, clearing, release, Joy, Divine connection, and more depending on what you are needing most for your own expansion and healing.

Tibetan BowlThe bowls in my collection are all from Tibet and are all antiques – most between 300 and 500 years old with a couple of the “younger” bowls being 100 to 200 years old.  They have been stewarded on this planet for generations.  Even as I am now their steward, they will outlive me yet again and continue with their journey and service here.

I have a full master healing “chakra” set (each bowl resonates specifically with one of the seven main chakras).  I also use a second complimentary set which I put together using my ears, my energy, and my intuition. The entire set has taken many years to compile and continues to grow as bowls find their way to me.  People who have heard Tibetan bowls before and experienced sound baths comment on how beautiful and very powerful these particular bowls are.

Tibetan bowls have a complex sound comprised of several notes and harmonics.  The musical vibration they create is more than just pleasant sound.  It effects us on an energetic, emotional, and physical level.

I also utilize vocal overtoning in my healing sessions.  This technique employs an effect similar to the Tibetan bowls in that, in addition to a vocalized fundamental note, you produce corresponding harmonics that create multiple pitches.

The human voice is extremely powerful and can be used to heal or harm.  Our words do not just carry their defined meaning when we speak them.  They carry a vibration that has a greater effect on you and anyone hearing them, more than the words themselves.  Be aware not just of what you are saying, but how you are saying it  and how you are feeling as you deliver your message – your truth.  What comes from you vibrationally is what you attract to yourself.

In addition to sound sessions being a wonderful healing tool, they also make beautiful gifts. The bowls create an energetic spa treatment!  Because the vibrations and “music” are just what they are, even those who are not into energetic healing can enjoy and benefit from the experience.  There are no exercises to participate in, no “sharing” is required.  The bowls work their magic without analysis and ask nothing of those experiencing the sound.

Group sound baths are available and are a wonderful for private gatherings, healing events, and meditations.  A beautiful gift for your guests, and you.  Each event and situation is unique.  Contact me at to discuss Sound Bath opportunities for yourself, a loved one, or a group.

Sound healing is also very complementary with Reiki Energy healing, and I often use these together in a healing session.