Animal Communication & Healing

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

― Anatole France

It is my heartfelt Joy to specialize in offering both Energy Healing and Intuitive Communication with animals.  I have always Loved and Adored animals and have always had a strong and deep connection with them.

As an Animal Intuitive and Healer, I provide support and clarity for:

-Greater connection for you and your animal friends by delivering messages and questions to and from your animals. This can offer a greater overall understanding of your animals and your relationship with them.

-Behavior – Helping you and your animals understand and work with behavioral issues which may be effecting them and your household.

-Transitioning – Helping you and your animals have a better understanding and ease with transitioning from the physical world, even if they have already transitioned.

-Helping ease any anxiety or fear you or your animal friend might have in adjusting to new or stressful situations (i.e. moving to a new home, going to the vet or the groomer, bringing a new animal or human into the family dynamic, etc)

-Helping your animals heal faster and more effectively from procedures, surgeries, and traumas through Energy Healing and Reiki (see Reiki/Energy Healing for more).

-Going beyond the information that traditional veterinary care may be offering so you can work more effectively WITH that veterinary care and make clearer, better decisions for your animal’s care and treatment.

Details and Pricing on Animal Healing and Communication – CLICK HERE.

Here’s an excerpt from one client’s story…for the full heartwarming story of Mieke’s journey and reunion with her family and other client stories – CLICK HERE

“…My husband and I moved to California from Belgium, Europe. Our cat Mieke is very sensitive, so we decided to leave her in her natural environment in Belgium, thinking this was the best for her.  We met Sultani Trip and soon discovered he was more than just a pet lover.  He told us that Mieke felt abandoned.

I had a chance to pick up Mieke and bring her to our new home in California, but I was still in doubt because the long flight would be traumatic for her… and what about living indoors in an apartment?

Trip told Mieke her options….”

Read about how Animal Communication helped Mieke and her family on her journey home – to see the full story and other client stories – CLICK HERE

“…I’m so grateful for Trip.  His Heart is full of love for animals and he definitely has a special gift to communicate with them…”  -Ellen Shoeters

“I truly believe that the Love, Caring, and Kindness we are willing to offer our animals is a direct reflection of the Love, Caring, and Kindness we are willing to offer and allow for ourselves and other people.”     -Trip