Client Stories…

Mieke’s journey and reunion with her family…

“About 9 months ago my husband and I moved to California, all the way from Belgium, Europe. We had a hard decision to make. Our cat Mieke is very sensitive. She loves her freedom and is very attached to her home. So we decided to leave her in her natural environment, thinking this was the best decision for her. Our neighbor would feed her and take care of her. So we thought she was ok.

Mieke1 croppedAbout two months ago we met Sultani Trip, a cat lover that we soon discovered was more than just a pet lover. He has a strong connection to animals and has the ability to communicate with them. He is very modest about his gift and doesn’t show off about it. But I was happy that he was so open to share with us that our cat Mieke felt very lonely. Until that moment I thought she was happy being outside and having her freedom. But apparently she missed us a lot. Trip asked for a picture of Mieke so he could get in touch with her and he told us that Mieke felt abandoned.

It was hard to know that she wasn’t doing well….

Shortly after, I got an offer to shoot a movie in Europe and I thought, this may be a chance to pick up Mieke and bring her to our new home in California. But I was still in doubt, because the long flight would be traumatic for her… and what about living indoors in an apartment?

But I wanted to take the chance, I called my neighbor in Belgium… but he had some really bad news. He hadn’t seen Mieke for weeks. I didn’t know that and I was really worried. So I called Trip and he tried to get in touch with Mieke. Fortunately, she was still alive but not doing very well emotionally. He talked to her and explained to her what my plan was. He also told Mieke that she must show up at the house that Friday because my mother would pick her up to bring her to the vet so she could get her travel injections.

Trip told Mieke, even if you decide that you don’t want to go with Ellen to the US, please do show up on Friday so you can still have that choice (all shots must be done 3 weeks before the travel date).

Thursday night my neighbour was worried because he still didn’t see Mieke and Friday morning my mom would come to pick her up.

Then a miracle happened! Friday morning, she was waiting in front of the door for my mom. My mom went to the vet and they prepared her for the move. Trip also got back in touch with Mieke, telling her that I would come in a couple of weeks and that she needed to make a decision whether to make the trip to the United States with me.

He told her the options…. Staying in Belgium and having her freedom to go outside or moving to California with us and becoming an indoor cat.

After my mom dropped Mieke back to our home in Belgium, Mieke disappeared again…. Our neighbour didn’t see her for two weeks.

When I arrived two weeks later, I didn’t see her the first day. I thought that she decided that she wanted to stay in Belgium. But during the night she came to me meowing….running up and down the stairs, very upset. Her fur didn’t look as good as it used to look.

Trip got back in touch with Mieke and prepared her for the move. The fact that she showed up meant that she wanted to move with us. And I felt that Trip had been in touch with her because she was around all the time, as if she was waiting for me to take her. When I bought her carrier, she immediately started exploring it. This was not normal behavior for her, she would normally avoid any cage or transport when she saw or sensed it. She hated carriers.

I felt that Mieke was very stressed the days before leaving so I told Trip and he prepared her for the long flight. I was still in doubt if I was making the right decision but Trip sent me a last message to tell me that Mieke was ready for it.

The next morning when I left, she knew it. She was ready. She was very calm and only needed my hand to touch her. At the airport she was remarkably calm too. What a huge difference than when we used to go to the vet, which was only 2 miles away! She would always fuss and meow loudly, non-stop, when we put her in a carrier. But now she was ready!

Our trip took us more than 24 hours and we made it safely. Mieke is very peaceful and calm. She is so happy to be with us! I’m so grateful that I met Trip and I want to thank him. His heart is full of love for animals and he definitely has a special gift to communicate with them. Trip is an amazing cat whisperer.  Thank you Trip.”

-Ellen Shoeters

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Peace for Max and Shoshana…

Max with Cupcake“My beautiful golden retriever, Max, was diagnosed with cancer.  My vet and I made the decision to keep him comfortable instead of put him through chemotherapy.  He was 14 years old and lived a long healthy life, so I didn’t see the need to cause him discomfort, pain, and stress in his last few months.

I was introduced to Trip through a mutual friend.  Trip helped put my mind at ease about my decision not to get more aggressive treatment for Max.  He comforted me with his kind words and animal communication ability.  Trip made it much easier for both Max and I by communicating Max’s thoughts in his final weeks.  I believe that Trip’s work with us allowed Max to have a gentle, pain free, natural, and peaceful passing.  I am grateful for his generosity, compassion, and loving support during my time of need.”   ~Shoshana

Trip’s note:  Max told me he was waiting for Shoshana to be fully ready to let him go before transitioning.  He was doing his best to hang in there for her.  I passed this information on to Shoshana.  She found a mobile vet and began preparing herself to fully let go.

A week later, Shoshana texted“I think max just passed away. He was resting, I was stroking his head and playing relaxation music. I told him it was ok to go now and I was ready. He passed a few minutes after… Thank you for your help. It was very comforting.”

Max truly was waiting, in loyalty and friendship, for Shoshana to be fully ready to let him go. Max transitioned peacefully and naturally, in her arms.

Helping a distressed cat…

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for coming over to help calm Dei-Z.  She was better each time you visited her. There are definitely times that I could use skills such as yours but I didn’t know who I could trust — now I do.”   

-Pam Leslie,  Long Beach Felines (

I am the Resident Animal Healer and Communicator for Milo’s Sanctuary (click link for more info) in Los Angeles.  Milo’s is a special needs cat rescue that takes in cats that would normally have impossible times finding a home because of their disabilities.  I work with many of their cats on an everyday basis.

Attie -Thank you(full)Attie was found in a dumpster, with her rear legs paralyzed, at 4 weeks old.  She wound up with a hoarder who kept her locked up alone in a bathroom sitting in her own waste. Milo’s rescued her and paid extensive vet bills to heal her physical wounds. I’ve worked with her from the day she was recued by Milo’s – enhancing her vet care, speeding her healing, and mending her Trust and her Heart.

Even without use of her rear legs, Attile is a powerhouse!  Full of life, and scrambling around, climbing cat trees, and wreaking havoc in general.  She is a true DIVA! Attie’s beautiful eyes are featured at the top of the Animals Sessions Ordering Page.

Each Kitty at Milo’s is incredibly special and I LOVE each of them with all my Heart!  Once in a while, one really stands out and grabs you in a big way.  Attie does that for me.  When I first met her in person (after working with her remotely), she came immediately scrambling up to me in recognition.  What a Joy!

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