Pricing and Details – Animal Sessions

Here’s a quick summary of my offerings with more details below – 

I have found that animals respond better to focused healing sessions spread out over time. This can traditionally get quite expensive, especially when booking sessions one at a time.

I offer a very affordable Package that includes 4 remote Energy Healing / Reiki Sessions for only $248.00 total (see below).  These sessions include email updates from me on how your animal friend responds. I do these sessions remotely and can provide them to anyone, anywhere in the world. More about Reiki and Energy Healing.

To Order Animal Healing and Communication Sessions – CLICK HERE

-Single Session – Animal Communication only – ($94.00) – This option is for a single (1) Animal Communication Session Only for 1 animal. I will contact you via email to schedule a 30-40 minute phone consultation to discuss your submitted questions, your animal friend, and your situation.  Sessions can be done via Skype or phone. This session can be combined with a Healing Session (see below).

Please view  Ordering and Preparations for your Session HERE.

-Single Session – Energy/Reiki Healing only – ($94.00) – This option is for a single (1), remote (from my location), Energy/Reiki Healing Session for 1 animal. Included is an email from me confirming the session has been completed with a brief description of how your animal friend responds to the Healing.  This option is for a healing session only.

Combination Energy Healing/Animal Communication (Single Session) ($188.00) – This option includes a single (1) Animal Communication Session (over the phone as above) with a single (1) Energy/Reiki Healing Session (as above).

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BEST VALUE – Animal Sessions Discount Package ($248.00) – This option includes 4 remote (done from my location) Energy/Reiki Animal Healing Sessions and includes email updates from me regarding progress and any animal communication that may transpire.

See Ordering and Preparations for your Session HERE. I will need an email from you with a picture of your pet and background on your situation.

Animal Commuication and Energy Healing are not a substitute for quality veterinary care.  I am NOT a veterinarian.  My experience is that Intuitive Communication and Energy Healing work very effectively together, in tandem, with quality professional veterinary care.