What is Channeling?



Channeling is a process of communication from a non-physical Entity that expresses itself through a human individual. The process of channeling involves a Spirit Entity working through a human vehicle who has qualities about his/her energy that will allow the Spirit Entity to blend into it.

If you are wondering, questioning, feeling stuck somewhere in your life, needing a deeper understanding of yourself or others, or clearing Energies that no longer serve you, a channeling session can be of great value and assistance offering new solutions and perspective, helping you move forward with more confidence.

Today’s Channeled Message – Click the link to see videos of channeled responses to your submitted questions in this free blog series.

In a channeling session you are speaking directly with higher source Energies/Entities – asking your questions and getting answers from this soul perspective directly as they communicate through me.  Hear The Partners speak on Worthiness and Contribution.

I offer single sessions and package discounts.  I do most sessions over the phone or on Skype and I record both types of sessions so you can review and revisit what transpired at your leisure.  I also offer in-person sessions if you are in the greater Los Angeles area or if I can travel to your area.

Contact me at  I am happy to answer any questions.

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Here’s a wonderful description of the power and clarity of the channeling experience-

“Trip is the first channeler I have ever had the pleasure to work with.  I stumbled across the Partners on Youtube one day and to be perfectly honest, I found their communication style a little intimidating. Yet somehow over the next 2 months I was drawn back to Trip’s webpage again and again. Eventually I contacted him and found that he was exceptionally personable and easy to work with.   I live on the east coast and I booked three phone sessions over the course of 2 weeks. To anyone contemplating this model my advice is to buckle up because you’re going for a ride.  The Partners will communicate much more than it would seem on the surface. As I listened to my previous session’s recording between sessions I was repeatedly amazed at the multi-dimensionality of the communication. It had literally not been possible for me to hear everything in one pass because many things had multiple messages and cross-links embedded.  The Partners keyed in on issues I had not even brought up.  Many of their made-up examples were suspiciously similar to events I had just experienced in the days leading up to my sessions. My 2nd session seemed to go on for days after the phone call, continually unfolding – the full experience defies description. If you’re looking for a substantial conversation with the other side of the veil of a potentially transformative nature, you’ve found a place where that can happen for you. The Partners may leave you wondering, perhaps after a slight delay, “WTH just happened?”  But then, you’ll know.  Here’s to all travelers on their amazing journeys!”

~ Love and light, Janet

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