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ChakrasThree session packages are the best value and are available at a discount from the single session rate.  A three session package allows you to build on information from each previous session, offering you continuity and a chance to track progress while introducing new questions as they arise.  These sessions can be booked at any interval that feels good to you, or one at a time as needed.

To begin, simply select the option you desire below.

If you provide a working email at the time of payment, I will email you to book your session date and time.  You may also email me at after you’ve completed paypal to book a date/time as well.

If you are experiencing something emergent and you feel you need a session in the next 24 hours I can usually accommodate this.  Please CHECK WITH ME VIA EMAIL FIRST at to discuss availability.  I can then let you know if I can guarantee you a session in the next 24 hours.  If you decide to book this session, I will send you an electronic invoice to complete before the session.  The exchange for an immediate session is $30.00 additional above any regular session rate whether the session is part of a package or booked as a single.

Sessions are generally 30-50 minutes in length depending on the number of questions you have – up to a maximum of 60 minutes.

If you have any questions at all, you are welcome and encouraged to contact me.

Single Session  –  $120.00


3 Session Package  –  $325.00


“I am so grateful to you for my session this week. The information you brought in not only helped me understand why my body was in so much pain, I actually felt the pain beginning to lift as “The Partners” were talking to me about it. Each time they answered my questions it brought me to an even deeper place so that by the end of the session I had a handle on what was at the root of my pain and could do something about it. As always my physical symptoms are rooted in emotional blockage and “The Partners” helped me to get the root of the emotional trauma. I really appreciate the accuracy of the information and the healing quality of their words. Thank you Trip for your willingness to bring these healing and helpful guides through. You are the best.”

Deb Brickell M.A., Intuitive Guide & Healer;  Founder of Enlightened SOULutions