What people are saying….

“Trip is a natural channel. I love talking with his partners. They remember me from session to session, and they build on the learning we do each time.  It’s great to be able to pick up where we left off.  They’re very patient with me, and will explain things from many angles until I fully understand the concept they are presenting to me.  Because Trip records the sessions, I’m able to go back and listen again, and I usually hear more than I did the first time!  Trip’s partners help me see issues from a fresh perspective, and they give me practical suggestions that I wouldn’t have thought of myself.  I always feel uplifted after our talks!  I really appreciate their help, and I appreciate Trip’s willingness to allow them forward to be of service.”

-Elizabeth Lee, Animal Intuitive


“There is a special blend or meld between Trip and his guides. Trip provides a safe environment to allow me to ask the hard and personal questions without fear or judgement. As soon as the session begins I’m taken to a suspended space in time and nothing else exists except the information coming from Trip and the guides.

Trip and his guides are extraordinary at reflecting a frequency of joy, love, and laughter. There is honesty, integrity, and clarity, and I feel supported.  I’m also reminded that I am not forgotten.

During one of our sessions I was given homework and once I committed to the assignment my personal channel expanded.  I am bringing through more information for clients as well as myself and I have a new level of guides.  I am confident, adventurous, and excited as I continue my own expansion into self discovery.

Thank you, for saying yes to this work and helping me expand further into my divinity.”

-Shelley Sanders, Intuitive and Medium


“I am so grateful to you for my session this week. The information you brought in not only helped me understand why my body was in so much pain, I actually felt the pain beginning to lift as “The Partners” were talking to me about it. Each time they answered my questions it brought me to an even deeper place so that by the end of the session I had a handle on what was at the root of my pain and could do something about it. As always my physical symptoms are rooted in emotional blockage and “The Partners” helped me to get the root of the emotional trauma. I really appreciate the accuracy of the information and the healing quality of their words. Thank you Trip for your willingness to bring these healing and helpful guides through. You are the best.”

-Deb Brickell M.A., Intuitive Guide & Healer; Manifesting Made Easy


“Trip is amazing to put into one word.  One of the ways I describe my experience to friends, it was a trip!  I have to giggle at that of course, but it truly was.  I love how his voice changed in his channel and I really felt they were talking to me which was unique to any experience of channeling I’ve had.  The Partners are also so honest and loving and sent me the information I needed to hear for my growth.  At one point it brought tears I was so happy.  They also gave me confirmation I was hoping for.  I can not wait to have another session with them.  It was so like nothing I have ever experienced before, it is almost hard to really put into words. It was so exciting for me. Trip as a person is a beautiful soul.”

With love and Blessings,

-Cathy Stone, Flagstaff, AZ

“Trip is the first channeler I have ever had the pleasure to work with.  I stumbled across the Partners on Youtube one day and to be perfectly honest, I found their communication style a little intimidating. Yet somehow over the next 2 months I was drawn back to Trip’s webpage again and again. Eventually I contacted him and found that he was exceptionally personable and easy to work with.   I live on the east coast and I booked three phone sessions over the course of 2 weeks. To anyone contemplating this model my advice is to buckle up because you’re going for a ride.  The Partners will communicate much more than it would seem on the surface. As I listened to my previous session’s recording between sessions I was repeatedly amazed at the multi-dimensionality of the communication. It had literally not been possible for me to hear everything in one pass because many things had multiple messages and cross-links embedded.  The Partners keyed in on issues I had not even brought up.  Many of their made-up examples were suspiciously similar to events I had just experienced in the days leading up to my sessions.My 2nd session seemed to go on for days after the phone call, continually unfolding – the full experience defies description. If you’re looking for a substantial conversation with the other side of the veil of a potentially transformative nature, you’ve found a place where that can happen for you. The Partners may leave you wondering, perhaps after a slight delay, “WTH just happened?”  But then, you’ll know.  Here’s to all travelers on their amazing journeys!”

~ Love and light, Janet