My Journey

Ever since I was a wee lad I’ve been connected to the Energy of our existence beyond the obvious physical, three dimensional world.  Throughout my childhood, adolescence, and into young adulthood, I had visions and experiences of people, places, and things that weren’t part of the obvious physical reality I appeared to be living.  It wasn’t until my first meeting and reading with a psychic well into my adulthood that I realized that much of these visions and experiences were flashes from other lives and Spirit, showing me glimpses of Energy and information that could serve me here in this lifetime.

pathThe connection to this “non physical” Energy, Spirit, Source (call it what you like) has always come naturally to me.  For a long time I pretty much kept all that to myself for fear of being seen as strange and not fitting into the world around me very well.  Funny, despite all that hiding and concern I didn’t exactly grow up as a model of social conformity anyway.

For years I quietly followed my connection, or, as it felt more so, it followed me.  From studying world religions and experiencing connection with many wonderful mentors, to starting a regular meditation practice, my connection deepened.  Still, I would not step into any real expression of it publicly or socially in my life and that kept me from fully understanding and embracing who I really was and the Gifts that were here for me.  As I mentioned, I didn’t have my first known experience with anyone “psychic” until my adulthood.  I simply wouldn’t allow myself to fully feel or believe in this kind of expression back then.  And yet, I’d been experiencing it in various forms since I could remember.

By the time I finally did have that first meeting with a psychic, I had already committed to moving from the east coast to the west coast. This he confirmed and more, with no prompting from me.  Moving to Los Angeles was to rapidly expand my connection, though I didn’t fully realize it at the time.

Years of meditation and study led me to 11 years of study in Martial Arts, T’ai Chi Chuan, and Qigong – learning how to move, bend, and intention “unseen” Energy.  This Energy became more “palpable” to me as I saw and experienced what at first seemed like “unbelievable” things.

I began to feel the Energetic signatures of people, animals, and objects around me with greater clarity and strength, and I began to work with the energies of crystals and gems.

Eventually, I was encouraged to start reading Tarot cards.  At that point, I had received many “readings” from others – Tarot, Psychic, etc., and my Intuition had expanded and strengthened with regards to feeling my own inner guidance.  Like my childhood connection, reading for others came to me very naturally and very quickly.

My connection has continued to expand and strengthen at a dizzying rate.  I began channeling Intuitive Energy without the need for any cards or media at all.  I was blessed to do this in a supportive environment with other professional channels and psychics, where I could affirm my accuracy and learn to trust the information just as it came.  Then, seemingly out of the blue, I began communicating directly with animals and began the conscious verbal channelling of a higher frequency Energy/Entity which I call “The Partners”, This is Energy which I experienced throughout my life in so many different forms.

Looking back now on this journey, I can easily see how I wound up here.

I do not consider what I do or experience as particularly “special”.  We all have access to it because we ARE It.  We are Energy.  We all have Intuition. We all know what a “gut” feeling is.  I’ll bet many more than might admit have had experiences similar to mine in their lives  – “imaginary” friends, predictive dreams, a moment of experiencing or stating pure truth.  I don’t look at what I do as so “out there”, “special”, or “different”.

What I have done and continue to do is participate, allow, and trust.  I’ve practiced this.  I “exercise” these muscles.  This practice develops skills, strengthens connections, and opens new doors which in this case allows Energy to communicate, inform, and naturally express itself in and through me.

Now I choose to trust and Be who I am, everywhere, all the time.  I choose to let my connection, practice, fascination, and Joy serve in the form It chooses and I allow.

I offer You and all Beings here and now, all the Love and Joy I can know, Be, and Express.

So Be It!

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